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Arts: Points of Contention by Jonathan Latiano


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However, no matter if you identify as an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert, don’t let a personality test define how you think about yourself. Figuring out how you work best for yourself is much more helpful than any test.”

- Daniel Kao

Daniel Kao: On Ambiverts – Why Distinguishing Between Extroverts and Introverts is Inadequate


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In French: France Culture – Les Racines du Ciel: “Viktor Frankl” avec Pascal le Vaou et Anna-Maria Stegmaier

Les Racines du Ciel, émission radio de Frédéric Lenoir et Leili Anvar.
Interview avec Pascal le Vaou et Anna-Maria Stegmaier (16 février 2014 – 7:05).

A 58 min interview with Pascal le Vaou and Anna-Maria Stegmaier, about Viktor Frankl, his life and logotherapy.

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Albert Einstein on Why We Are Alive

When Marion Block Anderson asked Albert Einstein: “Why are we alive?”, Einstein replied by this:

Dear Miss Block:
The question “Why” in the human sphere is easy to answer: to create satisfaction for ourselves and for other people. In the extra-human sphere the question has no meaning. Also the belief in God is no way out for in this case you may ask “Why God.””
Sincerely yours,

Albert Einstein.