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Rainy day on Calle de Alcalá


Rainy day on Calle de Alcalá. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

There are certain things in life, you know they wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t with a little help from your friends or family. Rainy Day on Calle de Alcalá is one them.  This image wouldn’t exist if Carmen hadn’t invited me to visit her in her native Spain. A couple of emails exchanged and here I was, in the middle of the winter, sitting at a café on Calle de Alcalá, sipping a coffee brew instead of my regular oolong and contemplating the Madrilenian scene under the rain.

To Carmen: thank you for having me in Madrid and for making me feel at home. :)

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Volume 7: Mixed by David Mowbray

Volume 7 Mixed by David Mowbray

01 Intro (Peace With Inches Speech) Al Pacino
02 2000000 Suns King Unique
03 Feniksas (Fergie Remix) King Unique
04 Yucca (King Unique Mix) James Talk
05 Park It In the Shade/ My Eyes (Umek Remix) Sasha/ Jimmy Van M
06 Boom Boom Quivver
07 Paranoize (Adam Beyer Remix) Alan Fitzpatrick
08 Gebrunn Gebrunn (Berlin Calling Edit) Paul Kalkbrenner
09 Revolte (Citizen Cain Remix)/ Yeah Yeah Paul Kalkbrenner/ Quivver
10 Gridlock Alan Fitzpatrick
11 Melting Point Roland Klinkenberg
12 Tick Tick Quivver
13 Is Anybody There?/ Magnify (Quivver Mix) Quivver/ Cid Inc
14 Exit People Fergie
15 Nitro Michael Woods
16 Halcyon & On (T&T Remix) Orbital