Ted Meyer: “Scarred for Life” series

Ted Meyer’s “Scarred for Life” series takes mono-prints directly off the skin of models who were scarred by an illness or injury.

For this series, Meyer takes each of the mono-prints directly off the skin of models who were scarred by spinal surgery, mastectomies, bullet wounds, amputations. He allows them to choose their own colors; most select cheerful reds, purples, yellows or pinks. He then adds details with gouache and color pencil, creating delicate abstract compositions in which the incision mark becomes a bold stroke emanating richly colored energy. Next, he photographs the models with the same paint color on their scars and includes their own account of how the scar came about and its affect on their lives. The combination of print, photograph and words sensitively yet powerfully depicts brave personal victories, from the graceful dancer who continues to dance from her wheelchair to the devoted mother who survives a mastectomy to raise her twin sons and the arm-amputee who can find humor in the loss of her limb.

Read more about Ted Meyer’s Scar Prints here: http://bit.ly/18UMgru

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