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“Keep searching and trying. Till it finds you…

I have been keeping that « uniform » of mine for 10 years. You know the MSF T-shirt, the kaki pants and the Dr. Martens… I would move across continents and take them with me, even if my job didn’t require them. That was some clutter that I couldn’t let go. They represented my 生き甲斐 ikigai: my purpose for living, my reason for being and why I would get up in the morning. I was telling myself: « No matter how hard, how obscure this path gets, just keep exploring. Don’t give up. Keep searching and trying. Till it finds you. »
Your ikigai might change over time, and it’s okay. One day, all your detours, your moments of immense solitude, your soul searching will make sense. Let life unfold for you, one step, one day at a time. 加油!
Photo: courtesy of Jungsil Song.
MSF logistics team in Aweil, South Sudan 🇸🇸.

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“Woke up this morning with…

“Woke up this morning with
a terrific urge to lie in bed all day
and read. Fought against it for a minute.

Then looked out the window at the rain.
And gave over. Put myself entirely
in the keep of this rainy morning.

Would I live my life over again?
Make the same unforgivable mistakes?
Yes, given half a chance. Yes.”

― Raymond Carver, All of Us: The Collected Poems

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“I want to live in a world…

“I want to live in a world full of people who look into each other’s faces along the path of life and ask, Who are you, my friend, and how can we serve each other?”

– Elisabeth Gilbert.

These are the warmest words I’ve read in ages. That’s the spirit I want to live with, that reminds me my family, my friends, my loved ones and the people I haven’t welcomed yet in my life.

Humanity needs healers and her message is nothing but love. I hope you’ll enjoy the read, as much as I did.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Life-Changing Story from Indonesia (That You Haven’t Heard)

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生き甲斐 : Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being”, “the reason to live”, your raison d’être.


Morning mist. Mountains of Anhui, China.

In the culture of Okinawa, Ikigai is thought of as “your reason to wake up in the morning”, your reason to enjoy life.

So, have you found your Ikigai? What makes you get up in the morning?


“The moment we cry in a film is not when things are sad but when they turn out to be more beautiful than we expected them to be.”

— Alain de Botton

The Danish Girl is an incredible love story through the eyes of Gerda, who helps her husband Einar, become the woman she was meant to be.

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“I am not cold. I am British.”

Arthur, 2014. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

Arthur, 2014. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

Arthur, 2014. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

Arthur, 2014. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

“I am not cold. I am British. I don’t need a scarf to go to school.” – Arthur, 5 years old.

– Which reminds me this quote by Orson Wells:
“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”