Tag: Gabriel Gonsalves

"You and you alone are responsible for you, for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. You are responsible for the thoughts, feelings, and actions you put out into the world. You are responsible for having your emotional needs met and for asking for what you want, need or desire from others. You and only you are responsible for going after what you truly want in life. It is no one else’s job to do that."
- Gabriel Gonsalves More about the difference between being responsible to others vs. responsible for ourselves: https://www.heartintelligencecoach.com/responsible/
"Somewhere within you, there’s an infinite aspect of your being that is always at peace. This aspect of yourself sees the bigger picture of your life. It knows where you come from and where you are going. It knows the lessons you’re here to learn and the best people, events, and circumstances that will help you discover them. It knows what’s true, meaningful and real to you and what isn’t. This is your heart."
- Gabriel Gonsalves, How To Stay True To Your Heart.