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You can turn the harshest winters…

You can turn the harshest winters into your warmest memories.
You can watch the leaves fall one by one and still appreciate the new abundance they are bringing to Earth.
You have been crushed and burnt down so many times, to come back only stronger and wiser from your ashes.
Your soul hasn’t given up, for your divine flame is shining bright and eternal.
So LOVE, love even more and carry on.
From 上海,with Love.
– Ruoxiang Chau



 “The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hands.”
– Frederick L. Knowles

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“The night walked down …


Café On Air.

Café On Air
Huaihai Middle Road, Lane 650, N°634, Groundfloor
near Sinan Road
Huangpu District, Shanghai
上海市黄浦区淮海中路650弄634号1楼 (近思南路)

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Beauty is everywhere

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“I believe that art can help create a society where people are free to figure out their own dreams. I‘m challenged every day to make that happen. Beyond art’s influences on social, political and economic factors, I believe that it can help more people to pursue their vision in life.”

– Kenta Torimoto.

Kenta Torimoto is a Japanese art curator based in Shanghai. Here’s an interview by Fumio Kanda on CNN Travel:

“I believe that art can help create a society where people are free to figure out their own dreams…

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Je viens du Sud…

My neighbour doesn’t know but just the fact that he is growing plants on his rooftop makes me happy.

My neighbour's green rooftop. - When it's Spring in Shanghai. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

When it’s Spring in Shanghai. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

When it’s bright and sunny over Shanghai, like today, all I could think of is this song by Michel Sardou: “Je viens du Sud, et par tous les chemins j’y reviens…”  .


“We live in the dusk of an era. Meta-narratives that make universal claims failed us in the 20th century and are failing us in the 21st. Meta-narrative is the cancer that is killing democracy from the inside. Now, I want to clarify something. I’m not here to make an indictment of democracy. On the contrary, I think democracy contributed to the rise of the West and the creation of the modern world. It is the universal claim that many Western elites are making about their political system, the hubris, that is at the heart of the West’s current ills. If they would spend just a little less time on trying to force their way onto others, and a little bit more on political reform at home, they might give their democracy a better chance. China’s political model will never supplant electoral democracy, because unlike the latter, it doesn’t pretend to be universal. It cannot be exported. But that is the point precisely. The significance of China’s example is not that it provides an alternative, but the demonstration that alternatives exist. Let us draw to a close this era of meta-narratives. Communism and democracy may both be laudable ideals, but the era of their dogmatic universalism is over. Let us stop telling people and our children there’s only one way to govern ourselves and a singular future towards which all societies must evolve. It is wrong. It is irresponsible. And worst of all, it is boring. Let universality make way for plurality. Perhaps a more interesting age is upon us. Are we brave enough to welcome it?”
– Eric X. Li